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Winter Break Projects: Part 1

One thing I am struggling with right now is which project to tackle first. I have two choices.

Choice 1: Take down the drywall in the storage room, and install structured media box.

This choice is probably the more challenging one as it will involve a few big steps.

A photo of cluttered shelving

This isn’t something I need to start first, and it also isn’t something I need at all, but I am trying to be forward thinking, and I hate clutter so this project will solve a few problems I have:

  1. Copper Cabling needs to exit the wall, I don’t want to have solid core cable flexing outside of the wall and attaching to my rack
    1. Currently I have this cabling terminating into keystones and keystone wall plates, this is fine for now, but I want something that can accommodate more cabling and I would prefer patch cables exiting from a structured box through a brush plate.
  2. There are so many holes in this wall from the first time I ran cable. I wan’t to patch those up.
  3. This wall is drywall over plaster & lathe and that makes patching and cabling a nightmare.

Choice 2: Install my new doorbell

This would be the easiest project, assuming that running the wiring doesn’t present too much of a challenge. Under my current doorbell is ahole, and through that hole I presume is the carcass of the old doorbell wiring. I haven’t looked too far into it, but I should just be able to run my wiring up through existing holes in the crawl space to access this.

A photo of where the current wireless doorbell is installed

All I will need to do is make the hole larger to accommodate the rear of the doorbell.

Additionally, I will need to install the doorbell chime. Both of the new devices are PoE, and will be plugging directly into my Unifi Dream Machine SE. I will need to purchase a hard drive also, but the on board storage will suffice for now.

I think I am going to do the doorbell first because I won’t need to purchase anything new to do this. With the drywall project, I will need to purchase a few things I don’t have, as well as enlist the help of a friend with a truck.

Also… drywall sucks.


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