As of September 11, 2012 I am accepting various forms of compensation for some content posted on this blog. This includes, but is not limited to, advertisements in the form of text/banner ads in the sidebar as well as sponsored blog entries. These entries will be clearly marked in the "Sponsored" category of the blog by a statement indicating that the post is a paid advertisement, so as to easily distinguish them from my actual opinion, and will show up on the main page.

While some people may see this in a negative light, I choose to see it as a way to support my ridiculous spending habits. (Seriously, I'd be happy so long as this supports at least one ebook per month, and maybe some booze periodically. Oh, and chai lattes. I can't forget the chai lattes. They're delicious.) These posts will not take away from actual content, I promise.

Too long and don't want to read? I'm selling out.

If you'd like to contact me about advertising opportunities, I have a form for that over here or you can email me directly at "".

Edit on Jan 18, 2013 - While I am not explicitly opposed to working with online gaming clients, I will not work with any gaming client that offers online gambling. Doing so locks me out of future opportunities because advertisers do not want to be associated with gambling, and neither do I. Feel free to contact me, but know that I will not agree to anything before I see all of the links I will be publishing on my blog. (This includes all advertisers. I do not publish without fully inspecting all links.)