Battey Me is my personal blog where you will find my opinions on pretty much everything, and banter on my day to day life. Along with being the best writer ever, I'm probably the most exciting person in the world, so you will love everything you read here.

The name Battey Me was chosen because I loved the idea of having a website with my last name in the title, I'm an egomaniac like that I guess.


Battey Me is currently registered through Namecheap and hosted on a virtual server through Linode. My server is running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS Server Edition. This blog is served using nginx, and Node.js. The content is managed using Ghost.

I reccomend all of these services/pieces of software.


Battey Me started out on a whim when I wanted to get back into blogging after a year long hiatus. It has been hosted with many services over the past few years, including the following providers:

I would recommend all of these providers if you're looking for web hosting. They range from traditional cPanel web hosting to completely untraditional dedicated colocation.


As previously mentioned, Battey Me is managed with Ghost. Along with Ghost, I use various tools to create the content of this website. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

All of this is created on a Mac.


The theme is a modified version of Vapor.