A few months ago I read a sentence in a blog post somewhere on the internet where the author had set something on the stairs to put away later. The author then looked at the mess and asked herself, why not now? That one little line in an otherwise unrelated blog post really had me thinking about all of the things in life that I put off until later.

Sometimes I think that people do themselves a huge disservice by putting things off. I know I catch myself doing it all of the time—telling myself that I'll have time later, or worse that I am too busy now. Inevitably, after I have told myself to put something off, I really am too busy later—what starts as a few books tucked away on the stairs, ends up becoming a pile that is threatening to take me out with it when it falls.

OK. That last statement is an exaggeration of sorts, but wouldn't it be better if we all simply started addressing our problems now—instead of later? It is a philosophy that I have silently embraced in my life at home. When I see something, I try to pick it up. When there is a dish in the sink, I do my best to put it in the dishwasher. If something is broken, or could be improved, I just let myself fix it.

Now that I have been letting myself clean, and put things away, I have been happier. Life is simpler when things are clean, organized, and put away. Obviously the house still has its problem areas—like the muddy mud room, or the room with the litter box in it—but when life is simpler, it is easier to be happy and to let yourself relax. Taking care of the problems now keeps them from bothering you later.