I used to blog.

I used to blog with such grace and fervor bitches were all like “damn, this motherfucker is majestic.” (That may be a slight exaggeration.) I don’t blog much anymore. One might look at the archives and see that I haven’t blogged in almost a year. One might be overly critical. One might also be a unicorn, and if one is a unicorn please write. That shit is fabulous.

I have some mostly OK reasons for the silence.

First, I’m a grown ass man and I do what I want. Second, the amount of negativity that blogging over the last year would have sent forth into the world would have been an insurmountable deluge of filth. With the combination of the loss of loved ones, family tensions, and really uncomfortable shoes I found it best to just take a break. Nobody wants to read my dirty laundry, I am not that delusional. (I am however self absorbed enough to think maybe one or two people might have liked it. We all have our demons.)

Third, too much has been going on for me to just sit down and write about it all. I started a new job. We bought a house. I received a lateral promotion in aforementioned job from part time to full time. We got a new dog, and fed the old one to it.

Just kidding.

Jokes aside, it has been a really exciting and stressful year that can probably be summed up in one word: Fuck.