We’re almost completely moved out of our old apartment, which of course means we’re almost completely moved into our new apartment. Today was one of our last moving days, and we should be completely finished next week. All that is left is to remove boxes from both apartments, some empty and some full. Our new place is starting to feel like our home, and our new neighborhood grows on me every day.

I don’t know if I ever brought up how small this new apartment actually is. 340 square feet. Tiny. We like it though. I don’t like living in a large apartment. It makes me feel overwhelmed, I like to live simply—things complicate life, and I don’t need that.

Among other things I’ve chosen to give up meat from my diet, for which I can thank a very supportive husband and the discovery of meat substitutes that don’t taste like shit. (We had nachos last night, and I didn’t have to cheat for them, that’s progress.) I chose to stop eating meat because my digestive system just wasn’t liking it as much as my brain was. So far I don’t miss it—black bean burgers are fucking fabulous, y’all.

Let’s shut this shit down before it gets more detailed than it already has.