It’s been quite the busy week! Levi and I have almost completely finished moving into our new apartment. All that remains to do is for us to get a new TV stand as well as bring the couch in and some of the remaining items from the other apartment. Oh…and the cat.

The bath tub needs to be resurfaced and the pets need to be removed from the apartment for that to happen so we’ve chosen to leave the cat at the other apartment to minimize the stress for her. She will be joining us Monday night.

As far as moving in goes, almost all of our furniture needed to be replaced. The studio we live in now just doesn’t have the space for an eight foot desk, a queen bed, and the rest of the stuff we have. We consolidated the bed and desks by choosing a loft bed—IKEA Storå—and placing the desks underneath. The bed was very wobbly at first, to the point where it was terrifying to sleep in so I purchased some metal from the hardware store to create cross braces. Now, the bed is wonderful and doesn’t feel like an amusement park ride.

Internet is being installed on Wednesday, and after that everything should be in place.

Now, where to put all of these boxes…