This post is about blogging, so half of my readers are going to be all “fuck this” and the others will probably also be like “fuck this” but they’ll at least know what the fuck I’m talking about if they do intend to read this.

I’ve started using InfiniteWP to manage my WordPress installations. InfiniteWP makes administration of the blogs I administer easy, I can update all of them from a single application. I don’t have many that I am in charge of, but running your own web server means you need to have the most up to date software all of the time, and InfiniteWP makes that easy to keep up on. I no longer need to log into three—and counting—WordPress dashboards to check for updates everyday. It has some great features, but does require some functions be enabled that may not be enabled by default on all shared hosting providers. One feature I’m really excited about is email notifications…except they don’t work for me.

What’s supposed to happen is that a cron job—for those who don’t know, you can think of a cron job as a servant that does something you tell it to automatically at a certain interval—loads the application and the application then sends an email to the admin to alert them of an update if there is one. What happens for me is all of the emails get sent to the junk box under all circumstances. To prevent this from happening I need to use a different server to send my email through. No problem right? Wrong. InfiniteWP doesn’t currently support this. I tweeted at them and got this response:

> [@sbattey12]( can you mail us. You can hack the code a bit till then > > — InfiniteWP (@infinitewp) [October 13, 2013](

So I emailed them, and they responded telling me they don’t support hacking the code and couldn’t help me. Apparently they told me to email them just to tell me no. I guess I’ll just have to wait for email notifications.

As soon as I started running into these issues, I contemplated setting up my own mail server to mitigate the issue a bit as well as solve some other issues I am having related to hosting additional blogs, but after doing my research I’m planning on waiting for the developers to implement a way for me to bypass the php mail function altogether. (I did switch my email from Google’s apps platform to Microsoft’s which is a nice change. Google pulled support for it’s free apps tier a few months ago and I was left without a decent option to make email accounts for the additional blogs I am now hosting. solves this issue by providing me with the service I need for free.)

This is my life now.