Last night I went to Target and another store to get some things that I needed to prepare for the move I discussed in my last entry. Cleaning solutions, boxes, paper towels, and a scrub brush. I did a little bit of packing when I got home—boxing up a bookcase—and then tried to gas myself with bleach fumes, but my bath tub is shiny now. At Target I saw something awful, courtesy of Nate Berkus. (As is usually the case when it comes to anything in his line of contemporary crap.)


Are you fucking kidding me Target…a wicker pineapple?!

The shock finally wore off this morning right before I went down to the new apartment building to turn in our applications. (OK.. that was some hyperbole. Deal with it.) Before the manager processed the applications, she took me to see another apartment up on the third floor that would be receiving wood floors prior to our move-in but a smaller unit than the one I was hoping for, but it had lots of light and a builtin extra closet.

It’ll do readers, it’ll do.

The building is nice, it was built in 1925 and is in the heart of Hilltop, just west of downtown Tacoma. It will still be an easy bike commute for Levi and when his drilling days with the Army start up again it won’t be a difficult bus commute for me at all.

Overall I am excited about the change and can’t wait to move, I’m almost as excited about the move as I am about Levi finally coming home. He should be flying home on Wednesday.