Who the fuck is Tomas Blum, and why does my landlord think he lives in my apartment? These are the questions I ask myself daily. (Among other questions of course…I’m not entirely daft.)

A little back story:

I currently live in a one bedroom apartment in the Madrona neighborhood of Tacoma, WA. The neighborhood is alright, not bad—not phenomenal. My apartment is smallish, I’ve mastered vertical storage—it’s quaint and cozy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a love story. The cabinets are literally falling off their hinges. It’s fucking damp and moldy. My rent is already too high, and they’re trying to raise it. ($1.23/sq. ft. at the moment.) My counters are scratched, there’s paint on the carpet, one of my walls has a random paint splotch and I kill bugs on a daily basis—this isn’t a luxury apartment. Did I mention that my shower is actually falling apart?! And they want to raise my rent? Half of those issues existed on move in, the rest occurred after to no fault of my own. Oh, and I need to mention the exclusivity contract that the landlord has with Comcast for cable services that serves to only benefit my landlord and Comcast.

We’re definitely moving.

We received the notice about our lease renewal coming up, except for the part where we didn’t receive notice for us, but for one Tomas Blum. My apartment is on the notice, and my lease is definitely about to be up but I’m fairly certain my rent couldn’t possibly be going up to $810 a month and my name isn’t Tomas. (NOBODY would rent this apartment for $810.)

Who is so incompetent that they would send the wrong notice with the proper apartment number? It’s no wonder why all of my neighbors are moving.