I’m trying to blog, but I cant because Battlestar Galactica keeps happening. Battlestar Galactica keeps happening because somebody once told me I should watch it and I’ve run out of everything else to watch on Netflix, it would seem. It has taken me about a year to get to episode 7.

It’s really hard to get back into blogging when you generally feel it’s the most obnoxious thing you do. In the past I’ve tried to keep up with it and to battle writer’s block but in the end my laziness and predisposition to give no fucks about blogging always wins out. It’s odd that I always come back to it, as at this moment I’ve got many beaten dead horses in my basement and at least one friend who just died a little bit after reading that—fortunately she just reported a head injury and probably won’t remember tomorrow. (That sentence reads pretty sinisterly, I could fix it but it’s better this way.)

I don’t want to be a blogger who blogs about himself, or a blogger who blogs about blogging. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to be anything else without feeling ridiculous. Friends say that I’m interesting, and that I have a good voice, but I lack the confidence in myself to believe that it’s true. I don’t think I’m a good writer, I don’t think I’m an artist, I don’t consider myself a photographer and I’m also a pretty lousy husband. I’m really good at wallowing in negativity, but that doesn’t help me convince myself I’m more than I think I am and I don’t think I’m much.

Where do I venture next? Food blogging? A friend once told me it would be really interesting to read about me trying new foods, because I hate food but I also once read a book called “Nobody Cares What You Ate for Lunch” or something like that which warned me not to blog about my lunch. (Today I had McDonald’s because I woke up late and couldn’t make myself lunch, yesterday it was a Tofurky and cheese sandwich on bread with a ridiculously large amount of grains and and apple. In other news, I’m sometimes a vegetarian. Also, that was a super shitty book.) Perhaps I could blog about cycling? It might be interesting, for instance there were a lot of rocks yesterday morning between Center Street and South Tacoma Way along South Pine Street—so many that I had to slow the fuck down and pray not to pop a tire because I didn’t really have time for that shit—but then I remember that I have to walk up the hill on South Pine from South Tacoma Way to South 35th because I’m fat and nobody wants to read about that anyway.

Maybe I could blog about how everyone in my life has already received their new IKEA catalog but mine hasn’t come yet except I just did blog about it and now there is nothing left to talk about on the subject.

Tofurky sucks.