Looking back, it’s hard to believe that another year has passed on my blog and in my life. It feels like just yesterday I was writing this same post, with these same literary clichés, with this same audience; but, things are a little bit different now. I started off 2012 with a mission to reduce some things in my life—my possessions, my stress, my contributions to landfills. I wish I could say that any of this happened. For a good chunk of the year, I worked a dead end, thankless job where I was expected to do more work than I would ever be paid for and convinced myself that it was OK because I was earning money and it got me out of the house. Commuting 25 minutes out of town to earn a piddly income isn’t exactly reducing stress—that, in combination with other personal issues that sprang up, led to me quitting my job.

I guess I can say that I did, in fact, make a reduction in my belongings but that really wasn’t as important to me as I thought it would be. Also, I have closets that are literally packed to the ceiling—the ceiling isn’t very tall, but they are still packed to it. (For a long time I even had a bicycle parked in my living room, because that’s what the cool kids do with their bicycles. In my defense, it is vintage. Also, in my defense, it is no longer there but only because my husband took his bicycle to New Jersey and I quickly got that bicycle out of my living room and into my bedroom—where bicycles belong.)

As for a reduction in my contribution to landfills? I still don’t recycle. (Unless I’m in Seattle and I have to.) I’d like to say that I went to the store and bought something for me to separate recyclables for my utility closet—but I didn’t. I meant to, but I never did. Maybe next year? I live right next to a recycling facility, I have no reason not to recycle. I’m just lazy and I have bills and recycling took a backseat to that. (I like to say recycling facility because it sounds nicer than saying landfill, because it is also a landfill. Really, I should say that I live next to a landfill with recycling facilities on it that are free.) In the mean time, check out all of this wasted space:

![Not packed to the ceiling like it should be. ](http://battey.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/photo-e1357063422182-450x600.jpg)
Not packed to the ceiling like it should be.
P.S. I started this entry on the 30th. Also, this is not the hangover entry I should have written for today.