I’ve been trying to blog more, but my life has just been so busy lately. For starters, I didn’t get out of bed until like one in the afternoon yesterday, and the day before—while we’re on a roll here, I should just point out that for the last week I have not gotten out of bed until one or two in the afternoon—something that is bound to forcibly insert a wrench into any plan. Also, I’m employed again. (OK, you got me, sleeping in until one in the afternoon clearly did me in—not employment.)

I need to blog more often because my holiday traffic isn’t going to keep going on forever, once people stop trying to clean pine needles out of their carpets with their vacuums my traffic will go down the crapper. My most popular blog post deals with just that subject. I like to name drop it just in case Google decides to stop indexing that one post. (Which is the driving force for almost all of my blogging traffic around this time of year, and 100% of my traffic related to pine trees. Maybe I need to blog more about pine trees, I’m not entirely sure there is a market for that though.)

On the topic of employment: my new boss is fantastic, but how can a person not be fantastic when we both went through the microbiology ringer twice, and at the same time both times. (I would just like to take this time to gloat: I kicked that class in the teeth the second time around. The first time I only got it in the knee, when I needed at least a good nut-shot. I went there.) I can’t really talk much about work, because it’s unprofessional and the name of my employer shouldn’t be mixed in with the phrase nut-shot, and I’m pretty sure a paragraph break isn’t sufficient separation. (Also, there was a very clear statement about blogging/tweeting/socially networking about the employer in question—a statement that spoke to me on a deep, and personal level. That’s pretty much all I do, besides throwing impromptu Super Mario/taco parties—if you really must know who I work for, you need to come to one of my parties, as there was no statement about Super Mario/taco parties in the handbook. Let me just say this, it was really nice not having to take my work shoes off outside so I wouldn’t track grease into the apartment. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this job once the initial shock of employment wears off.)

P.S. I meant to publish this yesterday, but I got distracted.