Periodically I get this idea in my head that I need to digitize my movie collection, at which point I pull out my box of DVDs and have at it for about 30 minutes before I realize I don’t want to watch any of these as much as I thought I did and then I throw them all back in the box and get on with my life. The result is a box of DVDs that is increasingly disorganized with each attempt. (Oh, and a desktop full of files I’d rather not organize into my iTunes library simply because it’s a pain in the ass and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to that sort of thing. The worst is DVDs with more than one file on them—I’m looking at you, 8 seasons of Will & Grace.) This is exactly what I did last night, when I started this entry.

If you need proof, this is my box of DVDs:

Ridiculous right? It’s been like this since we moved out of our last apartment. The apartment we’re in now doesn’t have the space necessary to conveniently accommodate my collection of DVDs which hasn’t grown for quite a few years anyway. (I don’t buy movies much anymore, I rent them digitally because I usually only watch them once anyway but I don’t watch enough movies to warrant paying for a Netflix subscription. Also, my apartment doesn’t have an outgoing mailbox—returning a Netflix DVD would involve traveling to a mailbox which I don’t want to do. I’m lazy—proof of that exists in the fact that it has taken me two days to get this far on this blog entry. It’s not even 300 words—that’s pathetic.)

P.S. This happened today: