Right now I’m debating going on a bike ride or just staying at home on my new couch and relaxing with the dog. As much as I’d like to get some fresh air, the jacket I wear when I ride my bike needs to be replaced—the zipper is broken. Also, I don’t have spare inner tubes for my bike so if I pop a tube I’m screwed. And it’s super cold out, which kind of goes with the whole no jacket thing but I think it could be its own reason as well. Oh, and yesterday my knee did something weird and I’m not entirely sure I should be pedaling a bicycle too far right now because it still feels a little sore when I move it in weird ways. (Pedaling is weird. Don’t judge me.)

Last night some friends came over and we played Super Mario Bros. U for a few hours. That’s how I hurt my knee, actually. I was doing something super acrobatic that shouldn’t be tried at home. It’s called walking. It’s super dangerous. Everybody should lead a sedentary lifestyle or risk the consequences of moving, like hurting your knee. (I wish I were joking about hurting my knee by just walking, but I’m not. I didn’t even do anything weird—I just stood up like normal, and walked three feet to my kitchen and my knee popped. I also stubbed like 4 of my toes on my new couch all night. It’s not a good time to be attached to my hips apparently.)

I don’t have much to write about, so I’m leaving you with this gem: