Wouldn’t you know, I get a migraine on the last day I’m in South Dakota. Something that a bunch of you probably don’t know, because I haven’t blogged in like a week.

We left around 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday, and got here at around noon on Wednesday. The drive was nice, only because I didn’t really have to look at Montana. Montana is nice when you want to be there, but when you are just passing through, it’s kind of the worst thing ever. It was so dark driving, that you couldn’t see anything aside from the reflectors on the side of the highway.

Levi started driving when we got to Butte, because I was getting sleepy. He hadn’t slept much, so I wasn’t sure how that was going to work. We got to Bozeman before I decided I was going to drive again, just because he was very tired and couldn’t promise me he wasn’t going to fall asleep.

When I took over, he fell asleep right away, but kept waking up every few minutes telling me to slow down. It turns out that when you wake up going 75 miles per hour, it’s scary. Who knew? I kept telling him to shut up and go back to sleep, and he always did. He thought he had only gotten 30 minutes of sleep overall, but it was a lot closer to 4 hours.

I need to cut this short, if it seems poorly written I’m blaming migraine.