There are times when the internet is just fantastic, like when you stumble across an 8 foot tall, $8,000 horse lamp.

![]( "IMG_0002")
Isn’t it glorious? It’s not even fake. You’re probably all like “What the fuck is this…?” or “Is this some kind of terribly horrible joke or something?” All I can say to that is, “It’s an 8 foot tall, $8,000 horse lamp.” and “No.”

You may also be wondering how I came across this 8 foot tall, $8,000 horse lamp. Well it was a Facebook ad, not for the horse lamp—that would be ridiculous—but for a super adorable side chair. (The chair is probably very uncomfortable, as super adorable chairs often are. If you buy a chair and it’s comfortable, it’s probably ugly and you should cleanse it from the earth with fire. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part this is one of the unwritten—until now—rules of the universe.) Following links, I ended up on a page of super expensive lamps that were mostly impractical, but completely gorgeous. (Lamps are sort of like chairs, but I shouldn’t need to explain that.)