If I pretend it’s not the 3rd of October already I don’t feel bad for not blogging yet. So that’s what I’m going to do. At least it’s early on the 3rd, so it is kind of not as bad…right? I’m pretty sure that theory holds water among other things. In fact, that theory is so fantastic that it is holding the kitchen sink too. (I’d prefer that it return the kitchen sink though, I need that.)

This is getting ridiculous.

Megatron does this super weird thing where she licks the couch. I’m not entirely sure why she does it, but she does. I may never know because, despite what y’all may have heard, I don’t lick couches. Perhaps the microfiber feels amazing when you lick it. She might be onto something here — perhaps I can convince my sister to convince my niece to lick her microfiber couch. It’s totally not as weird when a two year old licks a couch as it is when a twenty-two year old does… again this is all speculation as I don’t lick couches.

Megatron’s medication makes her super tired. I took her cone off tonight just to see if she would scratch her face at all and she seems to be doing fine. It could just be because she is too tired to try to scratch her face — the process involves some pretty crazy leg moving. Before you mock her for being too lazy and tired to scratch her face, you try to move your leg to your face to scratch it…it’s not easy. (Once again, speculation. I don’t do that either..)

Like Megatron, I, too, am super tired — though it’s not because I’m all cracked out on drugs.

Our cat almost cut Levi’s hand off. He is bleeding and everything.

It’s time for bed when the cat starts cutting people.