Blogging fail.

Good news? For the first time in like a year I am liking World of Warcraft. Bad news? For the first time in like a year I am liking World of Warcraft. It’s been sucking me in. I’m going to have to make it a goal to blog every morning before I start playing to avoid this problem. Levi finally hit the level cap so we can finally play together. He blamed the time it took him on his work schedule, but I know it’s because he isn’t as good at the game as I am.

Yesterday we took Megatron to the vet for this super terrible and gross looking skin thing she has going on. She’s been given a antibiotic and a steroid to help her stop looking like a plague victim. Her swelling has gone down already, but we won’t know what is causing the skin condition until after she comes off the steroids in about four weeks. The steroids stop the swelling and irritation, if it all comes back after she is done with the steroids then that means it’s probably some terrible skin condition and not just a minor bacterial infection.

This dog is costing me a fortune you guys. I love her and all, but she has been quite the money pit. It almost feels like she has already had every possible illness she could have had at this stage in her life. Dogs are gross. On top of that, she is literally eating us out of house and home — she chews up everything, like my oven mitt and my shoes. It’s probably my fault for leaving them on the ground, but I’m going to blame her anyway.

Anyway, I’ve got things to do. The laundry and dishes are calling my name.