So you were probably wondering where I have been — if you weren’t, just lie and say you were — and the truth is, I’ve been saving the world. You see, when the world needs saving, you just can’t say no, you have to go save the world — even if it’s only the world of Warcraft. That’s right, I’ve been hunched over my keyboard shouting expletives at computer generated demons saving the world and shit for the last two days. The world isn’t saved yet, but I did hit my level cap and complete a whole crap ton of daily quests.

What do I have to show for it? I gained a few pounds, my sleep schedule is screwed, my neck hurts, my house is a mess and I’m slightly more broke than I was before I bought the new expansion pack. Oh, and I got a new pair of really ugly gloves. But hey, Azeroth needed me y’all! You probably hope I’m joking, but I’m totally not. I don’t have a lot to blog about right now because I haven’t actually done anything over the last two days.

I’m having a craving for tortilla chips right now, even though I just has my monthly dose of MSG chicken. (We had Chinese food for dinner guys, I worked up a mighty hunger while slaying demons all day.) It’s probably the MSG talking, but I really, really, want tortilla chips.

I’m off to go buy tortilla chips and slay more demons. Azeroth needs more saving!