Today Levi and I biked the Scott Pierson trail. We’ve done it before but this time it was a lot easier, which means I can still kind of walk. Only kind of. I think it was easier because there was no snow this time. On our way back into Tacoma after we crossed over the Narrows bridge, I saw Levi passing a child who’s bike was laying on the ground. I think Levi pushed him. He denies it, but I know he did it. He probably wanted the kid’s bike, probably because it was cooler than his.

Levi is a jerk like that sometimes.

After we passed the kid that Levi probably pushed over, we headed back home. The ride was nice, but the sun decided to come out half way so it got hot. That kind of sucked. The sun is kind of an asshole, guys.

Right now we’re just sitting at home, on account of the fact that I can only kind of walk. (We’ve been over this.)

I’m thinking of spending the rest of my day on the couch watching movies, but I’m not so sure I can do that without feeling ridiculous.

I think I’m going to try.