It rained today, which means that it’s pumpkin spice candle season. (I originally wrote pumpkin spike candle season, which sounds way more extreme but slightly less enjoyable.) Except I don’t own a pumpkin spice candle right now, so I need to go buy one. Or 5. Or maybe 20. I’m not sure yet. The number isn’t really that important, so long as my entire life smells like pumpkin spice for the next few months. I’m being completely serious. As soon as I walked outside today I smiled and knew that pumpkin spice was in my future.

It’s also pea coat season, despite what critics may say. Also, it totally rained today — people may also criticize that statement. Also, I took a break in between these two paragraphs and I totally own a pumpkin spice candle now. It’s sitting right under my face — because under ones face is the only place pumpkin spice candles belong. It smells like fall.

If it rains again, I’m declaring it cute scarf season. Today was almost cute scarf season, but it was too warm so I took it off.

All of this is true.

P.S. Levi just riffled through a container full of cookies like it was some kind of delicious cookie Rolodex.