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TENS Therapy from LGMedSupply

For those people living in pain, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation — or TENS — can be an effective method of managing and relieving both acute and chronic pain.

LGMedSupply offers many options including [TENS Units](http://www.lgmedsupply.com/ “LGMedSupply TENS Units”), and [Muscle Stimulators](http://www.lgmedsupply.com/ “Muscle Stimulators”). They also offer ultrasound units for pain relief. They have a combination unit, the [LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator](http://www.lgmedsupply.com/twstteandems.html “LG-TEC TENS/EMS Combo”), to provide the best of both worlds to the patient. Thousands of patients use, and are satisfied with, LDMedSupply’s products across the globe.

[Visit LGMedSupply Online](http://www.lgmedsupply.com/ “Visit LGMedSupply’s Website”) to browse their selection, and don’t forget to checkout their [online customer blog](http://blog.lgmedsupply.com/ “Visit LGMedSupply’s Blog”) for valuable information ranging from usage advice to the comparison and contrast of various therapies.