I picked up my new glasses from the eye doctors office today. I think they’re pretty fantastic. Some other things I picked up today include Megatron’s cone, and a cookie from my mom’s house — both of which brought me joy. Seriously, the first thing I did when I got home was put Megatron in her cone and laugh at her. Maybe it’s cruel, but I can’t help it. Boston Terriers look stupid, especially with superfluous headgear. The alternative to the cone would have been some doggy slippers or something, which would have been equally hilarious.

I also canceled my gym membership today. Every time I have canceled a gym membership there has been a big fuss over it. The way they act makes me feel like someone is going to die if I don’t keep my membership. Apparently moving to the other side of the country isn’t a good enough excuse to avoid talking with the person trying to keep me there. Instead of calmly breaking up with my gym over the phone, I had to go in and break up in person and have an awkward conversation with some weird guy. I think I might start jogging outside or something to compensate for my lack of a gym membership at this point — this way I won’t need to get one when we come back. I’ve always seen gym memberships as too expensive, and unnecessary but the elliptical always appealed to me. (Mainly because I don’t like jogging.) If I can get myself in the habit of jogging, I can avoid the gym forever.

The gym membership thing has always been a giant waste of money for me. I think I actually went to this gym like ten times. It was a better value than the other gyms I “went” to, but I still never actually went. I’ve probably spent about $1000 over the past few years on gym memberships, and it has been such a waste.