The most exciting part of my day so far has been discovering “Hey Arnold!” on Netflix. No, seriously, oh and maybe the Chinese food that Levi travelled through traffic for an hour to get. (That monosodium glutamate was excellent. Don’t judge me.)

I had an eye appointment today, they told me that my prescription didn’t change much but the changes that did happen will be drastic. Or something. Does that make any sense? I’ve been going to the eye doctor for almost 20 years and I still smile and nod when they say things. I honestly have no clue what’s going on the entire time. Today they took digital photos of the back of my eye instead of dilating them and shining painfully bright lights into them — all because I had to wait a little longer than normal. I didn’t even complain about waiting. They usually charge around 20 dollars for the digital images, but I’m not sure why — doing the dilation instead takes much longer and requires them to do actual work. Maybe the insurance company just doesn’t cover it, I’m not sure.

Scumbag insurance company.

My new glasses will be here in about two weeks. The last time I was eligible for frame coverage — for those of you unfamiliar with vision insurance, frames aren’t always covered every year but lenses are — I opted for contact lenses instead. I hate contact lenses, and knew I hated contact lenses at the time, so I am not sure why I chose to go with them. I think I wore one pair before saying “screw it” and putting my fantastic glasses back on. Unfortunately, opting for contact lenses used the frame coverage and I had to keep the same frames for four years. I was OK with keeping the same frames, because I love these frames, but they are definitely showing their age.

I love these frames so much because they’re colorful and fantastic. This made picking out a new frame much more difficult for me. All of my previous frames were just kind of “eh.”, this might be the only one I’ve ever actually loved. My new pair of glasses are going to be fantastic too, possibly more. I looked at no less than 15 pairs before choosing the ones I liked. What can I say, I make the frame choosing people work — when I’m paying 200-300 dollars for glasses, there can be no less than three trips to the display shelves. Also, I have to live with them for two years — it’s kind of a big decision.

You get to see them in two weeks. (I know the suspense is already killing you.)

Now please excuse me while I go inhale some water and pills to drown out my MSG and Aspartame headache.