Sleep & the gym that I'm not currently going to.

Levi and I had a pretty lazy day today. I pretty much spent the day napping and, had it not been for him going to the gym in the evening, he might have done it too. Obviously I don’t have a lot to write about because of this, and I probably shouldn’t even be writing this at all.

I’ve decided that I am going to start going to the gym again. When I had a job I didn’t really need to go because my position was so laborious anyway. Being on your feet, moving around, lifting things really helps you burn calories. Right now, I just kind of sit around and do nothing all day. Sometimes I clean the house, but I mostly do nothing. I’m going to try and go often, and eventually I am going to start biking there just so I can get an extra ten to twenty minutes of cardio in, and so that I can ride my bike more — simply because I like biking.

You can probably tell that I really didn’t do much today. I am about to sleep some more though. 200 words — I’m probably going to lose a reader or two for this.

Stephen Battey

Stephen Battey

Stephen is a 25 year old amateur photographer, blogger, and husband from Tacoma, Washington. He shares a cute ass house with his husband, cat, and two dogs. He generally hates all weather patterns.

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