I’ve established that I should be more productive than sitting around and waiting for World of Warcraft to come back online from maintenance. While I think that would be the ideal thing for me to do this morning, I can’t bring myself to do this — if you remember, I am trying to suck less not more.

There are a few things I could be doing right now, such as

– Cleaning up the pile of (n)Otter Pop wrappers I’ve accumulated on my desk
– Folding the laundry
– Washing the dishes in the sink (I still have all day for that one, and there will no doubt be more of them later.)
– Walking my dog, just because
– Reading

or, I could just blog.

I chose to blog. I’m not entirely sure this is more productive than any of those other things. Well, actually, I am certain that it is just as productive as reading but not more. I can’t just sit around doing nothing while waiting to sit around and do nothing — that’s like double fail. Also, the more I blog the closer I get to a book deal, right? OK, that probably won’t be happening, I mean not because people wouldn’t read it but because I am super lazy and probably wouldn’t be able to write a book. I am a sometimes hilarious, overly critical, mostly ridiculous, awesome, bastard — people would read my book if I wrote one. (I debated writing “People would read that shit.” but couldn’t decide, hence the parentheses.)

All joking aside, I would gladly accept a book deal — even if it meant I had to write a book.

P.S. People are going to read this post simply because it has the words book and deal juxtaposed inside of it.