My twitter followers, today, witnessed first hand what happens when I don’t get enough sleep. I fell for a phishing scam. You can either view this as a public service announcement, or a “Stephen’s a dumb ass” announcement. The scam consisted of following a link to Facebook which then has you enter your Twitter login. The Facebook part is a legitimate Facebook app, the Twitter part however is not. In my defense, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a phishing scam utilize a legitimate Facebook app, and the first I’ve ever fallen for. I realized it wasn’t real when it told me that I then needed to upgrade my flash player, which was definitely not at version 10.0. I made the mistake of not immediately changing my password, as I figured the very obvious virus it tried to have me download was the culprit. My stupid tired brain actually thought that was logical. Lesson learned, I suppose.

Not much is going on in Stephen land. Yesterday I spent a good portion of my day reformatting old posts. For some reason, whatever blog editor I was using at the time decided to format them weird, and one of my plugins broke the posts because of this. For those of you who don’t know, I use markdown now for entry composition — I believe the markdown plugin I use was the culprit for the posts not displaying properly. I won’t have this problem in the future as now all of my posts are written in markdown and then converted on the fly to proper HTML. The benefits of markdown allow me to avoid WYSIWYG text editors in favor of a simple syntax for formatting. Using markdown saves time and energy, something that is vital when you’re as lazy as I am. It’s also pretty widely supported.

While doing this post reformatting thing, all I really learned about myself is that Past Stephen really sucked at proof reading, and wasn’t super interesting. I’d like to think that Present and Future Stephen are more interesting, and better at blogging.

I don’t have much to say tonight, as I haven’t done a lot today. I’ve only been awake for about three hours. I woke up from a nap at 4PM and all I’ve done since is eat pizza and play Minecraft. No, seriously. That’s really all I’ve done today.

I’m well on my way to getting fixed, I’ve scooped Bella’s litter box every day so far. It’s working out great. The best part is that my grocery buying habit directly supports this litter box scooping habit. I use the terrible plastic bags to scoop her kitty poo into. I could probably come up with a more eco-friendly solution to use less bags, but for now I am just happy that my bag situation is being solved. I feel guilty throwing them away, but I’m much too lazy to recycle them. I do this with batteries too. I have a shameful amount of dead batteries lying around.