Remember that time when I said I was going to start making goals for myself on Sunday night for the week following? Well, it might technically be Monday morning, but since I have yet to go to bed, it’s still Sunday to me, and I still have time to make a goal. The idea came from this guy. Everyone should participate. Since his graphic is, pardon my french, fucking terrible I’m opting not to use it. (Sorry?)

My number one goal for the week is going to be particularly simple. Remember that disgusting ball of shedding fur I mentioned previously? Well, her name is Bella and I’m making a goal to scoop her litter box every day. Why? Because this “once every now and then” shit I do isn’t very good for her, and it makes our apartment smell funky sometimes. There is nothing like being downwind from cat excrement. She really is sweet, and she deserves a mostly clean litter box — It’s not her fault she is disgusting and uses the facilities inside of a box.

Right now, she is sitting on the floor looking particularly cranky, because that is just what she does. Well, usually not on the floor, she usually looks cranky on a ledge that Megatron can’t get up onto. (Megatron is our dog, which I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here.) Megatron is sleeping in another room, so she is living it up by sitting all cranky-like on the floor.

She is in cat heaven.

I’m going to help myself complete this goal by setting a reminder in my smartphone — because that is what smartphones are for, reminding me to dig up cat poo from one box and put it into another. I use a BlackBerry, which is particularly good at reminding me to do things. It’s like I was meant to set this goal.

Go me!