People seemed to like my last blog post on hair loss, despite the lack of comments. (Seriously, guys?) I wish I could say that I have something equally as awesome in store for this entry, but I don’t. To be honest, I don’t have any plans for this entry. I’m apologizing in advance, this post is going to be all kinds of wishy-washy. I know this because I added that last sentence after the post was written…

I’ve written this second paragraph twice now, and twice deleted it, because what I was writing was horrible. I do this a lot, it’s really frustrating. I just spent 10 minutes browsing Facebook to avoid writing this entry… I just did it again… Perhaps I am too easily distracted.

To make matters worse, my cat just jumped in my lap. All 15 pounds of her. All 15, shedding, pounds. It’s like I just inhaled a bunch of cat hair all up into my face. Seriously, it’s only been 30 seconds and it’s all up in and over everything. I don’t like petting her because her shedding is so nasty. She has a short coat, but it is ultra thick. My lips are dry, if I lick them I will immediately have cat hair inside of my mouth.

D.J., from Thoughts From Paris, recently blogged about how he is going to start improving himself and his life by making goals for the week on Sunday night. I like the idea, and I think everything works better with support from your peers, so I figure I will join in. The first goal, obviously, is the make a goal Sunday night. I guess that means I have two days to start thinking about goals I would like to make for the coming week. Given my complete lack of control over myself since I quit my job, I don’t think coming up with a goal is going to be hard — meeting the goals is going to be a mess.