You’re probably wondering why I haven’t blogged in quite a few days. I’m kind of a bastard to introduce a new series to my readers only to post the first installment and then “skip town” for ten-ish days, right?! Anyway, my life has just been incredibly busy over the last week, and it is only just now starting to settle down. First and foremost, Levi and I had a bit of a crisis that we are working to resolve at the moment. (I did something incredibly stupid, though that is the extent of the information I will provide here.) Second, my sister and her family are in town and I haven’t seen them for almost two years. Tomorrow, on top of all of that, Levi leaves for two weeks to California for annual training and I am photographing my first wedding.

Needless to say, I have been a little busy and a quite bit stressed. Everything should be calming down after tomorrow. Right now, I don’t have time to relax. In less than three hours, Levi and I will be getting ready to drive to the airport where I will be saying bye for two weeks. After that I will head home, get some rest, and wake up around eight in the morning to get Megatron ready for her two week check-up after her spay. (I predict it will go perfectly fine, her incision looks almost completely healed.) After that, it’s photographs all day long! Right now I am definitely starting to get nervous thinking about all that I need to do; I’ve got memory cards to format, techniques to review, and batteries to charge.

With such a busy day tomorrow, I should probably be sleeping.. I don’t think I could fall asleep right now if I tried.

I just remembered I don’t even have my tripods or flash gun ready. Ack.