Here I am again, sitting on my couch – blogging.

You’re probably wondering where I have been the last few days – if not, well I’m going to inform you anyway. Over the weekend, Levi and I went on a trip to Long Beach, Washington. We had a ton of fun while there, and probably spent a bit too much money.

The best part of the trip was the beach. Though, I must say, walking around town was interesting as well. For the first two days, the weather was quite favorable. On Saturday things got a bit overcast and the deluge of tourists started pouring in for the “worlds largest garage sale” – a spectacle that was neither impressive nor fun. Levi and I spent our Saturday avoiding the garage sales, simply because they were spread out all over town (it wasn’t one sale, it was allegedly around 300-400 small sales) and the traffic they created was a nightmare. Instead of rummaging old crap in front of wierd strangers watching our every move, we grabbed a discover pass and explored some of the state parks nearby. One particular park had a lighthouse. The line for parking as we left that one was quite impressive – more so than the garage sales even. (If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I think the garage sales were stupid.)

We were originally going to leave Long Beach on Moday morning, but chose to leave the day before. The massive influx of tourists for Memorial Day weekend resulted in zero vacancy in any of the local hotels – this, of course, meant that the hotels’ wifi was so slow and flaky that connecting to a large website was impossible. (We tried to watch Hulu as well, that was a tragedy.) Advertising wifi as an amenity shouldn’t be allowed if your broadband connection can’t withstand a full hotel – at the price we paid I don’t think this is an unreasonable expectation. Bad wifi in combination with rainy weather made for a very boring Sunday, and a much anticipated departure. We did enjoy ourselves for the most part, but getting through those last few hours would have been really awful. You can’t really bring an umbrella to the windy beach!

When we came home we relaxed and had dinner. We then retired to our nice Internet before bed. (Levi spent his night playing Diablo III, while I reconfigured my webserver to use nginx instead of apache. If you don’t know what that meant, just know that things now load a hell of a lot faster.)

I still need to upload the photos from our trip to the blog, there aren’t many but I got a few nice ones I think. I’ve never really been a fan of beach photography and, as far as beaches go, Long Beach isn’t particularly exciting to look at in photos.

On Monday, we slept in and then made some cookies for our friend Adam’s house warming party/BBQ. He just moved into his new home, it’s very cute – death stairs and all!