Sometimes I get so caught up in life I forget to slow down and do the things that I enjoy, like writing. Everything that has been going on in my life lately has kept me extremely busy. Be it the dog, the deployment to New Jersey, or work, I just keep forgetting to take time for myself. Hell, even right now I’m only writing this because the dog is asleep, Levi is at work, and I have 20 minutes before I need to get ready for work.

As of this moment it definitely looks like New Jersey is happening. Levi finally realized that I didn’t want every detail, just enough to know if we would be getting compensated for living expenses so he e-mailed someone who was able to answer his question. (We should be.) I’m still nervous about moving across the country, but I know that it couldn’t be coming at a better time. I am in between school and Levi doesn’t have anything holding him here either. The extra money is going to help us get where we want to be financially so that we can buy a house when we get back to Washington, and the stories I will have about driving across the country will be priceless I’m sure. Also, I can’t express how excited I am to document the move on my blog. Perhaps it will help our friends remember us while we are gone. (My biggest fear about leaving is being forgotten, it’s silly but it’s true.)

Im going to miss everything when we leave. Our friends, our family, our apartment – Our everything. The only thing keeping me together is knowing that it’s still a few months away, and it’s only temporary. I think most people understand that I hate change, so much so that I cling to things that are bad for me – just because they are familiar. Perhaps the move will give me just the push away from familiarity that I need to live my life the way I want to, and not the way I think I need to.

Time to walk the dog.