Life has been quite busy lately. My lack of writing can probably be attributed to this, though not entirely. Right now I am writing from my phone so as to avoid waking up the dog, who is snuggled up in my lap. Moving to my computer at this point isn’t really an option. While the responsibility can be a pain, owning a dog has really made me feel better about life – it has made me feel more calm. Megatron’s carefree attitude reminds me that some things aren’t worth getting worked up over.

If you’re wondering what it is in life that I have to get worked up over, it’s change. I hate it. I’ve built my life up around a stable platform an when anything threatens that I get nervous and start to worry. The latest thing that has gotten to me has been Levi receiving news that he will be getting mobilized to by the Army Reserves to work in the local army hospital. While this isn’t a bad thing on its own, the logistics of it are bothering me. Right now it is up in the air how this mobilization will mess with my ability to work. With only one car there is absolutely no way we will be able to work around his schedule if he doesn’t receive a set schedule, doing so would put a burden on everyone involved and I can’t conscientiously do that. Right now it’s looking like I really only have three options – go on a leave of absence (for a year? Probably not going to be allowed,) put in my resignation or transfer to a new restaurant. Right now I’m leaning towards a leave of absence so that I can give myself some time to think about what I need to do with my life.

The mobilization itself won’t be a terrible thing, I am thankful that he isn’t being mobilized to a war zone. The change will mean an immediate increase in pay by about 800 dollars a month plus guaranteed housing allowances and an allowance for food. I already don’t need to work as it is, but I definitely won’t need to work when the mobilization occurs. The thing that gets to me, is having to uproot my entire life for this.

I guess I get to be a real army spouse for a year.. All of this is going down in October, and I’ve got a lot to think about in between now and then.