Watching Megatron when I am home has made blogging very difficult. When I start to type, she attacks my hands – while cute, this can sometimes be very painful. As a result, I have just stopped trying when Levi isn’t at home. Right now it’s only happening because Megatron is sitting in front of Levi sleeping while he plays World of Warcraft.

Not much is going on in my life aside from the puppy stuff. Everything is pretty stable around here. Since my last blog entry, I have returned back to work where I have a new boss. At first I was afraid of how things were going to turn out, but for the most part the change has been a positive one. I won’t say anything else on this subject, because blogging about coworkers is kind of a bad idea.

Tomorrow, if weather permits, I am going to be heading out to take some photos with a friend. I think it’s going to be fun. I hope she has some fresh ideas, because my photography has been stale lately. I don’thave a lot of friends who also like photography, so I am super excited about tomorrow. Hopefully the plans don’t fall through.