Today is the first day of Spring quarter for Levi, and that means that I have the day off from work. Levi is taking a class at TCC’s Gig Harbor campus, and won’t be able to get there in time after work unless he has the car. Seeing as how I don’t really need to work 5 days a week, we figured the best solution would be for me to take Mondays off and give him the car on those days. So far, I am liking this arrangement!

Today, I got to sleep in and enjoy a stress free morning with no work. After breakfast, I did laundry and finished up the dishes. I then proceeded to remove the disgusting scrap of carpet from our back patio that the previous occupants of our apartment used as a welcome mat. While a great idea in theory, the carpet turned into a disgusting moldy mess in practice. As soon as the patio dries out a bit, I will be going out there with a broom to get it cleaned off some more. I’d love to be able to use the patio in the summer time, and me getting it cleaned is going to be a big part of that. I may need to have the maintenance staff send somebody down the have it pressure washed…it’s pretty filthy.

To say the least, I have really missed having Mondays off.

While dealing with the carpet on the back patio this morning, I managed to get locked out of the apartment. Bella knocked the stick on our back door into the track after I had shut the door, and I couldn’t get back in. Of course I decided that it was a great idea to leave my cell phone and keys inside the apartment while I was outside, and as a result couldn’t get back in the front door either. I walked up to the management office to get a key, and they didn’t even have the right copy of our key so I had to call Levi at work. We are going tonight to get a copy made. Maybe two, so that my mom can have one as well.

We received an update on Megatron this morning. She is doing great and has gained 4 oz. since the start of the weaning process about a week and a half ago. She will have a veterinarian appointment in three days and then will fly into Seattle on the 7th assuming she is healthy enough the fly. (Currently, there are no known issues that would prevent her from flying.) We have an appointment at our local Banfield Pet Hospital on Sunday to have her looked at after the flight. We chose to go with Banfield because of recommendations of our friends, we will be signing Megatron up for one of their wellness plans as well to help supplement the cost of her first year of veterinarian services as well.

We are very excited about Megatron’s arrival next week, and she already has a ton of toys at home awaiting her arrival as well. She is very spoiled.