Over the past few days I have worked diligently to get my closets and other spaces of the apartment organized. Levi and I bought a new dresser from IKEA on Saturday morning for our closet, and the apartment has been a mess because of it. You see, I had to destroy my current “closet organization system” in order to get the new dresser into our closet. This also resulted with me, once again, having too many things. In between Levi’s army gear and my junk, I had a bedroom full of stuff with no place for it to go. To solve this problem, I placed the stuff Levi uses in a drawer in the dresser and we went through all of his old uniforms and determined what we can get rid of. The result? One large stack of old uniforms to go and two large tubs of gear to keep. Now we have an organized closet, and a clean house!

Work has been over staffed the past few days, but they keep over scheduling us because we are expecting a surprise visit from our supervisor any day now to inspect how we are performing. The result is an over staffed store that is super clean, and when they don’t show up they start sending people home. It’s gotten to the point, over the last few days, where I will go in and not expect to stay my entire shift at all. I don’t have a problem with this because I don’t really like to work more than part time anyway.In fact, next week I will no longer be working on Mondays to accommodate Levi’s school schedule and I couldn’t be happier! (Levi will be taking a class at another campus and will need the car immediately after work to get there on time.)

Not working Mondays is going to allow me a little more time with our new puppy when she arrives. Hopefully I will be able to really focus on potty training her for the first few weeks. I am expecting accidents, but I am hoping that my lax work schedule will really allow me to minimize the amount. I’ve already prepared myself for the possibility, I have a fresh bottle of Resolve and an enzyme based deodorizer. Speaking of our puppy Megatron, she weighs 2 lb 1 oz this week. She has lost a bit of weight since her last weigh in, which is normal for a puppy that is being weaned from its mother’s milk. Here is a photo of Megatron, as of yesterday:

She is looking as cute as ever, and I can not wait until the 7th when she arrives! Her ears are really starting to perk up more, and her nose is starting to get a bit darker.

That’s all for today.