I figure I should preface this post with a photo of what may possibly be the cutest puppy on the face of planet earth. Sure, I’m biased, but it’s my blog and I’m allowed to be. It’s not like I’m a journalist…I can make up whatever facts I want to and nobody will care. Megatron, the aforementioned and pictured puppy, is around 6 weeks of age as of this entry and weighs 2lb 2oz.

Tonight I am making brownies for some of Levi’s coworkers, and the brownie mix is ridiculously complicated. It is calling for softened butter, and eggs and the topping requires me to melt chocolate chips. When brownie mixes start requiring me to soften butter, and melt chocolate, they stop being convenient mixes and start becoming pre measured flour and sugar. I feel like it shouldn’t be called a mix if it requires more than water and oil…maybe an egg. (Furthermore, world, placing a stick of butter in between two sheets of wax paper and flattening it with a rolling pin does not soften butter, it flattens hard butter – the flattened butter is no softer than is was before, it is just inconveniently hard and flat.)

Speaking of brownies, did I mention that I don’t even get to taste these brownies? All of this work, and all I get is a potential “thank you” and the torture of smelling them in my apartment. Did I also mention that I am doing all of this only after my date with my vacuum cleaner and bottle of resolve this evening after a ridiculous day of work?

Speaking of work, I’m trying to transfer to a restaurant that is closer to my apartment. If that plan fails, I am just going to walk down the street handing out résumés to the local businesses. I’m tired of paying for gas in my car, I feel like 75% of my income goes to paying for gas. There is a restaurant down the street that I could easily ride my bike to in under 10 minutes, and I should be able to transfer without much work – I’ve just got to convince my boss to let it happen.