This morning I woke up around 7AM, and knew immediately that I wasn’t going to be able to get anymore sleep in. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, except that I really have been neglecting sleep these last few days – the most glaring example being Monday night, which I’ve yet to recover from. In all reality though, going out on Monday was worth it – it was the first time I’ve spent my birthday with friends in years. (We went to 1022 South in Tacoma, WA – it was pretty fantastic.)

Aside from my birthday on Monday, not much is going on. Last week my web server was arrived in the mail, and I promptly put it up on eBay to sell. (I don’t have the room for another computer in the house right now, nor the need for one.) The server fetched a pretty good price, on account of the fact that I am including a trackpad and keyboard with the sale. (It also has a large memory upgrade, it was a web server after all.) Even though I am happy it sold for a good price, and that it sold fast, I wish I could have listed it for 5 days instead of 3. (Had I listed for 5, I would have been able to sleep in today!) Right now, I am just sitting around waiting for the post office to open, so I can take the very large box in to be shipped. I think the buy will be happy that it should be arriving on Saturday morning.

Today I have to work at 11AM and I won’t be off until 5PM. I don’t like working that late, because Levi gets home before me. When I can, I like to pick the house up before he gets home because I think he likes it. When he gets home before me, I can’t do this. This, in combination with having stuff to do so early, sort of puts me in an icky mood. Because I live so far away from work, I won’t be able to get anything done after I get home from the post office which doesn’t help the annoyed state I’m in.

In other news, I really love Spotify. It’s helping me discover new music, which is always nice. Right now, I am rediscovering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’d forgotten how much I love them over the years, and being reminded is fantastic. Spotify is great, because it allows me time to listen to an entire album without purchasing it up front. (Which is horrible if the album is bad..) Unfortunately, Spotify is bad because I’ve got a list of songs and albums I’d like to buy from iTunes now that I probably can’t afford right now.

I don’t have much else to say. Also, I really need to get doing soon. To end this on a happy note, here is an adorable picture of Megatron. (I’ll post more as soon as I get them. The breeder will probably e-mail me some more this weekend, possibly tonight or tomorrow.)