Once every five days is apparently the best possible expectation of blogging frequency from me. Fail, I know.

Right now, I am sitting around enjoying my day off from work. As today is my birthday, I’ve established that the best possible gift I could have given myself today was this day off. Unfortunately I didn’t think to ask for tomorrow off and, as a result, I have a very gnarly 9.5 hour shift tomorrow that I am sure will be filled with “win.”

Levi and I had a great weekend. On Saturday we invited some friends over for waffles in the morning, they seemed to be a hit. I took a chance on a new recipe and it turned out wonderful, I’ll definitely be making it again. (Though I must admit, instant mixes are very tempting…and easy.) On Sunday, we relaxed during the day and went out to dinner at night. We went to a Mongolian Grill – it was fantastic. (Though I always find that my food always ends up next to a heaping bowl of terrible vegetables. No, I do not want your baby corns, person in front of me..)

Today, we don’t really have any plans other than staying at home relaxing. (And possibly going out for a drink later.. but I’m not to sure about the logistics of that one yet.) I’m don’t usually do much on my birthday, because I don’t like a lot of attention thrown my way. I’m shy, I guess. In the past, I have my birthday avoiding Facebook with my phone on silent so as to avoid the deluge of “Happy Birthday!“‘s until I can properly deal with them all at the end of the day. Fortunately for me, I don’t have as many friends now so I don’t have to worry about hundreds of “Happy Birthday“‘s. While I appreciate all well wishes that come my way, sometimes the sheer volume can be daunting!

Before I end this post, I want to talk about my amazing husband some more. For my birthday he bought me a Blackberry PlayBook, which I am really enjoying. He is also buying us a Puppy. (Something I haven’t yet mentioned here because I wanted to gauge public opinion in my offline life before announcing it to the rest of the world.) The puppy in question is a Boston Terrier, and we’re naming her Megatron. As of right now she is around 5 weeks old, and will be flying in from Oklahoma to the local airport here on the 7th of April. I am very excited about her joining our family, and I think she will help us move on after having to re-home our cat Peanut. (Who, I am happy to add, was adopted within a week of being dropped off at a local shelter!) And, without further ado, a photo!