On Friday Levi and I took one of our cats, Peanut, to the Humane Society. The goodbye was difficult for both of us, but we found that it was the best option for everyone involved. While I would have loved to re-home Peanut myself, I would have had no way of guaranteeing his new home was safe and that his new owners were responsible. As the Humane Society already has systems in place to do this, and vets on hand, I figured it would be the best option for him.

The reason why Peanut couldn’t continue to live in our home, is because he was not getting along well with our other cat, Bella. When we adopted Peanut, we brought him home to a very large 950 sq. ft. apartment with plenty of space for him to get away to if he needed. When we moved to our new apartment, and lost 400 sq. ft., the cats did not have enough space to get away from each other when they wanted. Cats are very territorial, so they both ended up fighting over space. On the evening that we brought Peanut in, he was chasing Bella around when she was trying to sleep.

Bella has not shown any signs of missing Peanut. If anything, she appears to be happier. Her behavior has changed slightly. When we are home, we notice that she is playing a lot more than she used to. Almost immediately, we noticed that she would start playing with toys that Peanut would not let her touch prior to his departure, also she is now more vocal than she used to be. When we come home, her behavior is largely the same except that she is less hesitant to seek affection.

Overall, I feel that we made a good decision. It was a hard decision, but a good one nonetheless. Levi had some trouble with it at first, he was reluctant to say goodbye to Peanut but he knew that it had to be done. We both still miss him a bit, but we know that he will find a happy home of his own.

Levi has drill with the army this weekend so I am sitting at home right now with not much to do. OK..maybe that last statement isn’t entirely true..I need to vacuum, do the dishes, mop, clean the cat box, blog, etc. At least I am doing one of those things on the list, right? Never mind the fact that I am doing the easiest item on the list. (Though if you look at my habits, it might appear that it isn’t the easiest item on the list.)

Speaking of the blog and blogging, you may have noticed a lot of changes around here lately. I had some issues with my dedicated server that I lacked the knowledge to fix, and as a result my blog was completely messed up. I have since chosen to decommission my server. It was fun while it lasted, but in the end I just couldn’t keep it running on my own. (It was quite the learning experience though, and I am glad that I did it.) My server will be shipped back to me soon, and I need to figure out what to do with it. I might sell it.. who knows.