I am currently sitting with Levi at the Antique Sandwich Co. after a long day of laundry. When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t feeling well, though looking back on it now I was probably just a little dehydrated. (I had a headache and felt terrible..I really ought to drink more water.)

After lunch today, which consisted of a chicken sandwich, I got to thinking about the Antique Sandwich Co. and how good it would be for dinner. Levi had the same thought apparently, because he is the one who brought it up. (He is the one who always brings up food.. I usually just criticize the selection.) We like this place because they don’t skimp on their ingredients. Their sandwiches come loaded with a generous supply of sprouts, lettuce, cheese and meat. I personally enjoy the Ham & Cheese on Rye – it’s quite flavorful. (Though I might have to ask them to be a little less generous with the mayo next time.)

It’s good that they don’t skimp, because their sandwiches are anything but cheap. The high price of the food is made up for by the fact that the woman who took our order remembered us from our last visit and also because this place has wi-fi and is kind of super adorable. There are various items for sale around the Antique Sandwich Co. and many of them are quite adorable…like a stuffed penguin that I will probably take home with me if it is here the next time we visit.

Overall, the Antique Sandwich Co. is a great place to go for dinner or lunch. The Point Defiance Park and Zoo are just up the road from here, so you should make it a point to stop in when you’re visiting the area for those attractions. (Perhaps even pick up some sandwiches to go and enjoy a picnic in the park?) After all, the Antique Sandwich Co. is way cuter than the Zoo’s café.

P.S. The cheesecake is good too.