So, after saying that I was going to do it yesterday night, I finally got around to starting the edits on the photos from Friday’s Father/Daughter dance this evening. (I also said I was going to finish cleaning my apartment yesterday.. that didn’t happen either.) The photos all turned out great and, despite me having to adjust the exposure to every single file, it didn’t take long at all to finish the initial batch edits. I still need to go in and fix up each individual photo, but for the most part the photos don’t need much additional editing. (There are about 15 or 20 that need to have the backgrounds extended to the edge of the frame, at this moment I am very thankful for Photoshop.) In one picture, I actually had to replace a little girls right eye with a copy of her left eye because a bit of hair was covering it completely – the result was very natural looking.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a pretty easy day. I only work three hours and forty-five minutes, and then I have nothing else to do. I think I will probably finish cleaning my apartment when I get home tomorrow. The way I talk about it, you probably think that it’s filthy…it really isn’t – I just like it to be super clean. When you have two cats, it is very important that the rest of the apartment be clean, on account of the fact that the two disgusting felines usually aren’t.

Levi and I are currently sitting at a table in a coffee shop. I was hoping that coming here would get Levi to work on his paper that is due next week, but he has decided that he is just going to do it tomorrow. Which means that we might be making another home he is currently being distracted by Kingdoms of Amalur – he really loves the game. (I love it as well, but I’ve already stated that here.) I think his favorite part of the game is blowing up monsters, he doesn’t really care about the story much. In fact, he just follows the circle on the mini-map and blows up everything in his way.

Anyway, it’s time to get going. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do tonight.

P.S. I feel like a cliche when I blog from a coffee shop.