So you’re probably wondering why I said I was going to blog about everything that happened on Super Bowl Sunday, and then proceeded not to blog about it at all. Well you see, what had happened was, I forgot my laptop and camera at my Mom’s house that night and couldn’t blog because I didn’t have my laptop. (I hate blogging from my desktop because the chair isn’t as comfortable as my couch.) Anyway, here we go.

Sunday was nice, I’m not really a football person but it was entertaining to watch Levi cheer for the Patriots. Not only because they lost, but also because he didn’t really know what was going on – he just wanted them to win. Aside from Levi being silly, not much happened. Some of the commercials were funny, I really liked the one where John Stamos got headbutted – that one had me rolling.

Monday night was pretty normal. Levi and I enjoyed sandwiches for dinner and stayed home. Tonight, Levi has class but is now on his way home. Tonight we are heading out to the store for groceries and we’re going to pick up the game “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” – I’ve heard great things about it. (Also, my cousin’s fiancé was one of the people who worked on the game, which is actually how I heard of it.) I’ll be sure to blog about the game as I start to play it.

I have to cut this entry short, because Levi is now home and we need to get going. We’ve got a lot of stuff to do before nine, when the game store closes.