It’s pretty awful when it’s only Wednesday and you’re already wanting the weekend to be here. After a rough couple of days at work, I’m extremely exhausted and want the week to be over with. I’m trying so hard to remain positive about it all, but I just don’t take kindly to being treated badly. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve considered just leaving. (This is the part where my mom will chime in and lecture me about finding a new job before quitting, even though I’ve heard it more times than I can keep track of.) As Levi and I sit here at Bertolino’s Coffee Bar, the only thing I can think about is how frustrated I am. I try not to blog about work, because if it gets into the wrong hands I could lose my job…but sometimes it’s just necessary.

Today has been pretty calm. After work today I came home and relaxed a bit and payed some bills before Levi came home. When Levi got home we went out to get the rent for the cats and out to REI to get a bike rack for our bedroom. The bike rack worked great and we now have a little bit more space in our bedroom for moving around. (Levi has been getting into bed from the end because the bikes took up all of the space on his side.) Living in a small apartment forces us to get a little creative with storage. After REI we went to a couple of stores for groceries – I finally got to use the coupons I got out of the newspaper this week. (The newspaper subscription has paid for itself at this point..which is nice.) All of this lead to right now, with me blogging and Levi editing the final draft of a paper for his English class.

We’ve found that Levi will only work on his classwork when away from home. There are no distractions away from home because he can’t play World of Warcraft on his iPad. Coffee shops are great for working on homework because of the Wi-Fi…and the Chai Lattes of course. We found this out last Saturday when we were out at Forza with some friends, Levi finished his entire first draft while there..something that would never have happened at home. It was fun to enjoy time with friends as well. Another benefit of Levi doing his work at a coffee shop is that I get to work on my blog. I don’t really get a lot of time to blog between my job and my chores at home. (If I were home right now, I’d be doing dishes..not blogging.)

There is only one problem with blogging right now – it’s supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday. Despite the fact that it is a Wordless Wednesday, I’m going to be publishing this. Maybe next Wednesday I’ll be doing a better job at not using words. That is, if I remember to participate next week. (I’m flaky…I know.) I really do need to blog more, eventually I would like to monetize my blog and it’s a bit difficult to do that without regular content flow. It’s also hard to do that without regular readers, something I am also working on. (The two kind of go hand in hand..)

I plan to be here for another hour, but I’ve already run out of stuff to blog about. Levi is only halfway done editing his paper, and I’m completely done with this blog entry. In fact, this last bit is just filler so that I could tell everybody about how I am out of stuff to do and Levi is not. It’s going to be a long hour.