It’s been a few days since my last entry, but I’ve honestly been having trouble coming up with something to write about after the previous entry on marriage equality. Since that last entry, the bill to legalize gay marriage in Washington has cleared the senate committee. This means that the bill will soon be able to receive a floor vote by all of the representatives. If approved in the senate, the House of Representatives and the Governor are the only two obstacles left for the passage of the bill in the state legislature. (They’re small obstacles..) Then, the bill will have to survive the inevitable referendum process.

Aside from the information above, there isn’t a lot of information on this subject available. It’s really just a waiting game at this point. Every morning, I check the newspaper for any more information, and I’ll be sure to post it here when I find anything. Speaking of said newspaper, I still need to pay for it. When the guy came to my door and pressured me into the newspaper, he took down my credit card information but then never charged me. They sent me a bill last week, and I just haven’t had the opportunity to pay it yet. It’s a little frustrating waiting three weeks to be charged and then getting a bill. Well, not as frustrating as getting pressured into the newspaper to begin with. Thanks, Seattle Times…thanks.

The guy who signed me up for the paper gave me a sob story about how he didn’t want the Times to end up like the Post Intelligencer. (Out of business because of the internet.) And of course I felt bad for him, so I signed up for it. The paper hasn’t been a bad investment so far. For one, I have a lot of rubber bands now. If I ever find myself needing a rubber band, I’ll always have one. (Unfortunately, I’ll probably never need one.) Also, I have a whole bunch of material to place under my bike when I clean the chain now. (Now I just need to start cleaning the chain..)

I really just don’t have much to say right now. Levi and I are sitting with some friends in a Forza down the street from our apartment. I’m on my second Spiced Chai Latte, and Levi is eating a weird smelling sandwich.

Overall, it’s been an interesting day. We woke up early, and I made us waffles. (We didn’t have much syrup, so they were a bit dry.) After waffles, we went on a bike ride around town. That was kind of fun, except the “mostly cloudy” weather was more like “completely overcast and a bit wet” weather. I can’t wait until it warms up a bit around here, then my photography and cycling can start back up again with more frequency. Everything kind of stops for me in the winter, on account of the fact that it’s always so dark. And dismal. And cold.

Speaking of photography, in about two weeks I will be photographing a dance for a local elementary school. I hope the turnout is good, because last year I had a lot of fun doing it. This year, though, we are going to be making some changes to the organization of the whole thing. Last year it was a mess. This year, it’s going to be more organized. I will blog more about it when it happens.

There isn’t much else to talk about right now. Aside from some boring server administration stuff, I upgraded PHP to 5.3.9, nothing new has happened with my blog. I guess it’s time to finish this entry. My laptop battery is about to die, and I’ve got things to do.