On top of the list of things that I never thought I would be doing, making German food is one of them. Tonight Levi and I attended a party for one of our newest friends, it was German themed to “acknowledge his German heritage.” The notice, although short, was sufficient enough for me to find a recipe and make something for the party. I made Apple Pudding Cake. I don’t really care for apples that aren’t apples, so I was skeptical when I tried it but it wasn’t bad at all. Everyone seemed to like it, and there was none left by the end of the night. There were some other delicious foods as well but, seeing as how I could hardly remember the name of the dish I prepared, I can’t be expected to remember their names.

The party was a ton of fun. We played some munchkin game, and then trivial pursuit, and then cranium. I probably don’t need to spell this one out, but I was not very good at any of these games. Fortunately, my brain was somewhat functional this evening so I could play most of them without extreme handholding. I think the best part about tonight, was playing with the play-dough from cranium; I made a pretty badass bandaid.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and definitely worth missing my vacuuming day for. (I wish I had a good reason to skip vacuuming day every day.. If only cat litter could just move itself out of the carpet.) This is going to be a short one tonight, I’m very tired and have a lot of chores to do tomorrow. I need my sleep.