I don’t think I need to say this because I think most of my readers are local, but it’s been snowing for the last few days. All of this culminated with a large storm that brought almost eight inches of snow to my neighborhood, and similar amounts of snow to nearby areas. There was so much snow that Levi’s clinic was closed for the day and he got the day off of work. I didn’t work today either, simply because I wasn’t scheduled, so we went out for a walk in the snow early in the afternoon. (Which turned out to be a walk to get lunch, and a trip to the park down the street.) We had a lot of fun out in the park. As embarrassing as it is to say, I had a lot of fun on the swings.. I jumped off of them into the snow, it was great fun.

When we were finished in the snow, we came home to relax before heading back out again. We went to the mall to pickup Levi’s iMac from the Apple store, but we found out that it was closed when we got there. Since we obviously couldn’t pick up the iMac, we stopped to get some food and then left the mall. The drive there and back wasn’t so bad, but it was very icy. I’m pretty safe when it comes to driving in the snow, but there are others who aren’t careful at all…and they deserve to be slapped or something. On our way home, there was a truck following so closely to my car that it would have slid into my car if we had had to stop. We made it home in one piece, and didn’t get stuck on the hill leading up to our apartment building like 20-ish other people did. (Seriously, there are around 20 cars parked along the hill because they couldn’t make it up. Fortunately, we live towards the bottom of the hill..)

At home, I did my vacuuming and some quick cleaning and sat down to relax. After a few hours, Levi and I went out to get some groceries. Not wanting to risk getting stuck like those other people, we walked. The walk wasn’t so bad, especially because Levi let me wear a pair of his winter boots, but when we made it home we were both a little worn out. Overall, today was pretty eventful. Hopefully the roads will just be wet tomorrow morning when I have to drive to work.

Yesterday was eventful as well, it was my mom’s birthday. (She turned 19.. True story..) Levi and I both worked during the day, but his classes had been cancelled in the evening so we headed to my mom’s place after work. We stopped by the grocery store to grab her a birthday cake before heading there. She seemed surprised and happy that we got her a cake, and I am glad.

That’s all for today. Hopefully all of this snow melts soon. I’m not really a fan..