Yesterday I said that, rain or shine, Levi and I were going to bike the Scott Pierson Trail. Well..we did it! It was really hilly. I had read in the reviews for it that it was a bit hilly, but at no point did I expect it to be as bad as it really was. There were some inclines that I could barely walk up in my current shape, I certainly couldn’t bike up them. In total, the trip ended up being 12.5 miles and was actually a bit longer than the five miles that I had read. From end to end, it was probably more along the lines of seven miles.

The ride itself went mostly smooth. One of the problems we had was a very gusty headwind that didn’t help us on our ride. The wind was also extremely cold, I didn’t sweat at all on this ride due to the cold and the wind. Halfway through the ride, it started snowing. There was no accumulation, but that didn’t make it any less annoying. Snow kind of feels more like rocks when the flakes hit your face..especially when you’re already cold.

It took quite some time to make it to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge at the end of the trail, but once we made it the views were breathtaking. I hope to return some other time with my camera, should the weather permit – I’m not really sure what I can accomplish with my camera but it will be interesting to see the results, nonetheless. On the ride down from the top of the bridge into Gig Harbor, I hit 31 miles per hour – Levi, on the other hand, hit a rock. The aforementioned rock punctured his front tire and left a hole in his inner tube, which I then proceeded to change at the top of the bridge in 35 degree weather..wind blazing..without my gloves. After that minor huge issue was dealt with, we rode back home and got there just as the sun was going down.

Overall, it was a great trail that I would love to ride along again. The noise from the highway wasn’t as bad as people had said it was, and the breathtaking view while biking over the bridge was well worth the effort put into it. And if you’re not one for scenery, there are a lot of hills to speed down. Personally, I enjoy the scenery and the fast descents so I will be riding this trail again. Did I mention that it is practically in my back yard?