It’s been an interesting week! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to write an entry about it.

At the beginning of the week, my iMac turned off and wouldn’t turn back on again unless left unplugged for about 10 minutes. The symptoms were all pointing to a failed power supply. At first I thought it was my cat, peanut, stepping on the power supply that did it. (He likes to play on top of it and has, in the past, turned it off in the process.) This sudden cut to power could cause damage to the power supply so it was my best explanation. I took it in to the Apple store and the “Genius” seemed to agree with my findings. It wasn’t until Tuesday night when Levi’s iMac started exhibiting the same symptoms that I began to suspect it might not, directly, have been the cat at all. I say it might not have been caused directly by the cat because I believe my vacuuming caused the damage. Vacuum cleaners, when turned on, draw a large amount of electricity causing a brownout. If this brownout occurs on the same circuit as the computers it will cause the power supplies inside of the computers to work harder to keep up with the demands of the computer. This damage builds up over time, and I have always vacuumed on the same circuit that the iMacs run on. I think the problem was exacerbated by the increased frequency of my vacuuming in the new apartment. (The cats’ litter is in my living room now, instead of in the bathroom.) Now that both iMacs are in the shop, we are sharing my 13 inch MacBook. Thank god we didn’t sell it. In order to prevent this problem from happening again, we are going to get an uninterruptible power supply with voltage regulation. If anyone reading this has any recommendations, please share them.

On Wednesday, Levi and I went bowling with a few people who I’d never met before. That was a ton of fun, despite how terrible I am at bowling. I didn’t do too badly, I suppose. (Levi told everyone he was terrible, and the first thing he bowled was a strike. Jerk. The worst part? He was the first to bowl!) I’ve always been kind of shy around new people and I tend to avoid meeting new people at all costs. That being said, I am glad I took the chance and agreed to go. Everyone was really nice, and it was nice to meet other gay people. I don’t know many gay men.. I lost contact with the ones I used to know when I left CWU and the few I know now are a bit younger than I am and still live with their parents. It’s difficult to hold a conversation with someone who isn’t at the same stage in their life as you are, they tend to lose interest. I know that Levi was very happy to meet new people, and make new friends. It’s nice to meet other gay men, because they tend to understand where I’m at in my life better than others might and they tend to understand where I’ve been. Also, I feel like it’s easier to talk to other homosexual people – I don’t need to censor anything so as not to offend, and I don’t need to explain anything in the middle of a story. I’d like to think that these new people had just as good of a time as we did, because I know Levi gets lonely sometimes without having anyone else to talk to but me.

All of the aforementioned stuff in combination with work really kept me busy this week. I started working earlier than usual this week, and it was a little weird having to function at seven in the morning. Next week, I start working on Mondays again. I haven’t really worked on a Monday since October when I took the entire month of Monday’s off for some dental work. That ended up turning into me just not working them and when Levi’s car died it became really convenient for me to work less so that we could have the car. With the new apartment, it is no longer necessary for me to drive him to work because he commutes in by bicycle now. Now that he isn’t dependent on the car, I can drive myself to work and am able to expand my availability.

Tomorrow, rain or shine, Levi and I are going to bike the Scott Pierson trail. The trail is a 5 mile bicycle and pedestrian path that goes along highway 16 through Tacoma and over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge into Gig Harbor. I am pretty excited about it because it is so close to our new home. I love living in Tacoma, everything is conveniently located – I can bike anywhere and if I do need to travel by car, I don’t need to get on the highway to do so. I’ve never really seen the Narrows up close, so I think it will be nice to finally get to see it without having to pay to go across. Hopefully we can make it the entire way there, apparently this trail is a bit hilly so it might be too much for me right now.

I would like to apologize for the lack of content lately. I am going to really try to do better. As soon as I get my iMac back, I’m going to add another portfolio gallery and work on revamping some of the content of my blog. All of my photos are on the iMac’s hard drive, so I can’t really work on adding new sections to the gallery because of this. I was going to participate in Friday Favorites with Jenn, but I can’t really do that without my iMac either because I don’t have Lightroom on the MacBook and I can’t edit the photos I took this week. I really liked a few of them too..